Masterclass: How to sell to demand gen managers and marketing directors

Is your team struggling to sell to demand generation managers or marketing directors? Today is your lucky day! Silicon Valley lead gen consultant, John Ledoux, shares his secrets for getting responses from this unique ICP. John has experience working with sales and marketing teams at Instagram, Marketo, Chorus, Cloudflare, Segment, and Hired so he knows a few things about the role of demand gen as well as designing playbooks for sales teams.

He was kind enough to create and share a playbook using the Personas platform. Below are the key takeaways you can use with your team to start setting up calls and closing deals. 

Keys to success

1. Spend time qualifying first! 🧐

  • If your reps are reaching out to the wrong people or don’t have a pain your product solves for, then they are wasting their time.
  • Spend a few minutes researching to check off criteria about the prospect.

2. Match pains to your product. 🥴

  • Don’t simply talk about generic demand gen manager pains. It needs to be relevant to your product.
  • Ex. A demand gen manager has lots of pain around tracking and analytics, but if your product doesn’t address either of these, then don’t lead with it.

3. Nail the value prop and include their competitors. 🎯

  • Too many emails and phone calls lead with vague value propositions. Make sure your reps know the most potent value prop by heart! Be specific, be clear, and actually be valuable.
  • Additionally, Lots of roles are very aware of their competitors. If you want to get their attention, bring up their competitors and tell them how you can help them beat them.

4. Include something valuable. 💎

  • Show value immediately. Bring up a stat, a similar customer you have helped recently, or a piece of news/research that they might be interested in.
  • Be empathetic and use your voice, not a marketing phrase.

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