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Research, prospect and personalize like a pro.

Enable your reps to have impactful conversations FAST.

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Enable your reps without bogging them down.

Specific messaging

Prospect & account insights

  • Email addresses

  • Phone numbers

  • Funding

  • Employee count

  • Revenue

  • News & announcements

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Recommendations & content

  • Quick playbooks

  • Objection handling

  • Pain points

  • Value props

  • Motivations

  • Marketing content

CRM activity

  • Prospect history

  • Account history

  • See notes from other reps

  • Gather context before reaching back out

Works everywhere your reps do.

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Pull and push data from your CRM.

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“Knowing what messaging and content my sales team ends up using in emails and on calls is a complete blackbox as a marketer.”

Vanessa Bright
SaaS Demand Generation Manager

“An intelligent cheat sheet for SDRs would instantly improve performance, conversions, and personalization.”

Chris Broderick

ADR Manager

“Crafting resonant Outbound messaging that converts starts with a basic understanding of who my prospect is. If I don’t understand my prospect- it doesn’t matter how clever my messaging is.”

Jillian Sutherlin

Senior SDR

Personalize conversations 3X faster.

Without Personas


Speed up your funnel velocity

Crush quotas every quarter.

  • Increase open rates

  • Increase qualified meetings

  • Increase “speed to lead”

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Made in SF.

Made in SF.

Personas is a group of technologists and startup veterans led by founders Conor Lee and Rick Wohlers.