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Create conversations that convert.

Help your sales team use the right message at the right time for every prospect.

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Pain points
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Value props
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Call scripts
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Buyer news
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CRM activity

The ultimate cheat sheet for your sales team.

Specific messaging


For outbound emails and messages

  • Match-rate

  • Quick links to company sites

  • Contact info

  • Company and prospect info

  • Company news and announcements

  • Funding amount

  • Company growth

  • Team sizes

  • Export to CRM

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For inbound calls and emails

  • Quick playbooks

  • Objection handling

  • Pain points

  • Value props

  • Motivations

  • Marketing content

Revival/Follow up

For re-engaging opportunities

  • CRM activity and history

  • Quick and accessible formatting

  • See notes from other reps

  • Gather context before reaching back out

Works on top of browser sites and apps

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Pull and push your data from your CRM

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“Knowing what messaging and content my sales team ends up using in emails and on calls is a complete blackbox as a marketer.”

Vanessa Bright
SaaS Demand Generation Manager

“An intelligent cheat sheet for SDRs would instantly improve performance, conversions, and personalization.”

Chris Broderick

ADR Manager

“Crafting resonant Outbound messaging that converts starts with a basic understanding of who my prospect is. If I don’t understand my prospect- it doesn’t matter how clever my messaging is.”

Jillian Sutherlin

Senior SDR

Better, together.

Align marketing and sales around your buyer personas and how to talk to them.


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Product marketing
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Demand generation
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Marketing directors
How we help marketers
No more messaging silos

No more messaging silos

No guessing what is working

No guessing what is working

Together again

Together again


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Account executives
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SDR managers
How we help sales
Speed up your funnel velocity

Speed up funnel velocity.

  • Build more pipeline

  • Create more MQLs

  • Increase “speed to lead”

  • Drive SQLs

  • Improve conversion rates 

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Explore your buyer personas in our app and deploy them to your sales team.

Made in SF.

Made in SF.

Personas is a group of technologists and startup veterans led by founders Conor Lee and Rick Wohlers.