Easily create your buyer personas with this template

Struggling to get started creating your buyer personas? You aren’t alone. To be honest, we have spoken with dozens of product marketing managers and sales leaders and the majority don’t have their buyer personas documented in a simple way they can share with their teams. Some even only have a general idea of who their buyer personas even are!


Most people think this has to be a huge, scary process packed with endless slides… but it doesn’t. 

The important thing to remember when creating your buyer personas is it should be a tool for educating and aligning your sales/marketing teams quickly. This is something you can do with a few slides, some research on the web, and a handful of research calls.

To help show us how easy creating buyer personas can be, product marketing manager of Sapling, Mariah Wilson, shares her tips and template for creating quick and effective buyer personas.

Download her template

Download her template and get started in as little as 15 minutes! Seriously, what are you waiting for? Get going and get the ball rolling with your team.

🚀 Make your personas or ICPs even more valuable by putting them in the Personas app and automatically share them with your teams! Mariah shows us how easy it is to create personas in our app as well as copy and paste your slides into it. It's seriously easy. 👇

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