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Faster, smarter sales teams.

Personas moves the needle for every role.


“I spend 80% less time researching prospects with Personas 🥳”

Account executives

“Everything I need to know about a lead is front and center 🤩”

Sales enablement

“Personas keeps my reps on message and on track 😀”

Increase funnel velocity from top to bottom.


“Knowing what messaging and content my sales team ends up using in emails and on calls is a complete blackbox as a marketer.”

Vanessa Bright
SaaS Demand Generation Manager

“An intelligent cheat sheet for SDRs would instantly improve performance, conversions, and personalization.”

Chris Broderick

ADR Manager

“Crafting resonant Outbound messaging that converts starts with a basic understanding of who my prospect is. If I don’t understand my prospect- it doesn’t matter how clever my messaging is.”

Jillian Sutherlin

Senior SDR

Personas works everywhere your reps do.

Our smart Chrome extension is simple and seamless to setup.

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Made in SF.

Made in SF.

Personas is a group of technologists and startup veterans led by Y Combinator founder Conor Lee and Rick Wohlers.